Tree Care Tips

TreeCareTipsTips for healthier trees especially in times of drought.

Moisture keeps trees healthy and helps avoid disease. Trees stressed by drought  are more susceptible to disease, branch die back and insect infestation.

Aerate your yard in the spring and fall. This is beneficial not only to your lawn but also your trees and shrubs. Aeration helps water, oxygen and nutrients get to the roots more easily.

Water your trees and shrubs in the fall and winter (Oct.- Mar.) in temps above 40 degrees with no snow cover. Apply water deeply and slowly in the drip line (trunk to  farthest reaching branches) Water once or twice a month depending on temperatures and condition of your soil.

Spring and summer (April- Sept.) water three times a month depending on temperature and condition of your soil. Water with deep root fork or needle, soft spray wand or soaker hose.

Use organic mulch and apply within drip line at a depth of 4 inches leaving six inches of space between the mulch and trunk of tree. Mulch can be wood chips,bark, leaves and evergreen needles.

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